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Demystifying the Submissions Process

Saturday, April 17 and 24

10: 15 a.m., Central Time

Online via Zoom

Author, translator, and professor Jesse Lee Kercheval presents two informal workshops that will help writers submit their work to a broad range of publications. On Saturday, April, 17, the Submission 101 workshop will provide tips on submitting work and will walk participants through using the Submittable software program. On the following Saturday, April 24, participants will gather for coffee and submit their work.

The DWC would like to thank Ms. Kercheval for donating her time and expertise to present these free and informal workshops to the DWC’s supporters and friends.

Jesse Lee Kercheval is the Marjorie and Lorin Tiefenthaler Professor of English at UW-Madison and the award-winning author of eighteen books, including the short story collection Underground Women, the memoir Space, and the poetry collection America that island off the coast of France.

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